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Rise to Freedom by TAHIRA


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Freedom Call is an anthemic song written by TAHIRA and executive produced by Darnell K. Miller of HP Entertainment. This single is sure to become a part of the soundtrack of this time period of protest and demand for social justice.  TAHIRA and Miller gathered the first state's premier soulful vocalists to come together on this rousing single. This stellar ensemble called Delaware Artists for Change, includes:

Maya Belardo, Nihkee Bleu, Jahiti, Nadjah Nicole, Noelle Picara, Jea Street, and Donna Tucker Jones

Delaware artists for change
Rise to Freedom is TAHIRA’s adaptation of the famed African myth, The Flying Africans, who defy the chains of enslavement by taking flight. The aeronautical activity sparked by magical words from a lost, ancient African language, speaks literally and figuratively about the need for Africans to reclaim the culture they were ripped from. The symbolism of the story speaks to Africans throughout the Diaspora, who worked TOGETHER to overcome what seemed insurmountable obstacles. Africans in flight offers the impactful double meaning of a collective liberation. TAHIRA delivery of this story, along with other original folklore adaptations  and original songs on this album, is moving as is captivating.



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Journey to Purpose by TAHIRA

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